The Hollywood film industry has been Simon’s new home since 2008. Directors he collaborated with include Joe Kosinski, Ridley Scott and Joe Johnston. Most notable are Simon’s contributions to Disney’s Tron Legacy (Vehicle Concept Designer), Disney’s Tron Uprising TV Show (Lead Vehicle Designer), Marvel’s Captain America (Lead Vehicle Designer). Simon carries his designs from sketches, to 3D development to the final set builds in strong collaboration with production designers, art directors, set designers and manufactures. Simon is currently attached to Oblivion at Universal. This action film unites the Tron Legacy creatives Kosinski and Gilford once again, with Simon being responsible for his yet most complex and intricate movie vehicle to hit theaters in spring 2013, with Tom Cruise in the lead.

After the completion of his creative involvement in the Oblivion film in Spring 2012, Simon returned to his roots and focuses on his very own new story project. It is currently in development and will be launched in 2013.

Enjoy the following galleries with 15 original vehicle designs by Daniel Simon for Hollywood films:

Design >> Disney’s Tron Legacy (Vehicle Concept Designer)

Design >> Marvel’s Captain America (Lead Vehicle Designer)

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