The Hydra Parasit is a flying bomb designed for the 2011 Marvel feature film ‘Captain America’, carried by a large Flying Wing in a set of eight. The 2R marking on this early test version defined its spot in the wing, second right.
Early concept drawings and models were created to explore the taste of director Joe Johnston. A simplistic teardrop shape got picked, with pusher props and a cockpit positioned far back. A futuristic forward facing cockpit was also considered, but was difficult to film in particular scenes. So the front of the final design turned into the bomb device itself. Counter-rotating twin props were later dropped in favor for a more experimental drive.
The advanced prop-jet drive system consists of a three blade rotor spinning freely around the fuselage, and ram jets mounted on their tips. The rotor spins in the air speed of the traveling carrier plane, allowing the ram jet to fire up before the Parasit deploys. Fuel is guided from the fuselage through the blades. This reaction torque free system was in fact researched in the 40ies by German maker Focke-Wulf. The white line through the middle of the craft marks the separation between plane and bomb. Once the massive shell is deployed, the stubby remains of the plane could return to the carrier, but that important feature was never tested before the first mission. Armament is poor due to its mission characteristics. Arbitrary coats of rough paint on the belly, and temporary chalk message on the front are proof of its hectic development.

2D concept phase. Early pencil sketches resembled real WWII concepts, with modern design themes slipping in here and there. On the right, a simple bullet shape that got picked.

3D concept phase. Selection of volume models, covering different styles within the given brief of a simple shape. Bottom right got developed.

Final design.This view enhances the concept of a flying bomb. The Parasit was terrible to fly after dropping it – the craft had to be quickly re-balanced by the pilot after the bomb release – and chances were slim that the pilot manages a safe return to the Flying Wing mother ship to dock.

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