UPDATE FROM THE AUTHOR: Prepping your PITLANE book for shipment takes me in average between 3 to 6 weeks. It is truly me assembling all components and stamping the name plates letter by letter – a time-intense labor of love and authenticity. Enjoy! Daniel Simon, October 2014.

THE TIMELESS RACER: EPISODE 1 PITLANE CLUB EDITION. The ‘Pitlane Club’ is a highly personalized and hand-finished series, each approved and assembled by Daniel Simon. The heavy slipcase comes with a solid 4.5″ x 3.5″ aluminum plate with your name and book number stamped. The book is printed on heavy photo paper and includes a fifth silver print color and has the same page content as the other editions. Limited to 313 world-wide.

CONTENT. The ‘Episode 1 Pitlane’ set contains of: 1) a custom storage box 2) a special version of the book with silver ink print and a unique collector cover, a personal dedication to you and a numbered seal 3) a sturdy slipcase with a solid aluminum certificate, your hand-stamped name and book number 4) a numbered print of the Masucci X-5 5) a dedicated, original sketch on 11’x14′ paper with numbered seal 6) a welcome letter by Head of Ferrari Design Flavio Manzoni. All components are individually inspected, prepared and assembled by Daniel. The finished box is then carefully prepared for worldwide shipping at Design Studio Press in Los Angeles.

HAND-CRAFTED DEDICATION. The solid aluminum certificate is the center piece of this edition. Personally stamped by Daniel Simon with your name and book number, it is truly one-of-a-kind. Please make sure to leave specific instructions ( name on the metal plate, number wishes, and specific dedication inside the book if wished ) to Simon during the order process. Before the final check-out, you will find a window called “order notes/personalization”. Please allow a few weeks for delivery, each book takes Simon about one hour to assemble and ready for shipment.

HAND-CRAFTED DEDICATION. Despite the rather time-consuming process, Daniel insists of stamping all plates by himself at his office, to maintain authenticity. And, after all, it is a lot of fun.

NUMBERED. The numbered component of the Pitlane edition, from top left to bottom right: The slip case with the solid aluminum certificate, the book with a unique seal, the 11″x14″ sketch with seal, and the custom made storage box.

UNIQUE. Each book includes a original sketch of a race car on heavy 11″x14″ paper, with your name, a signature, and a numbered seal.

A LOOK INSIDE. Seen here is hero Vic Cooper and the Masucci X-7. Top Gear magazine says on the back cover: ‘After Cosmic Motors and his adventures in Hollywood, this is Daniel Simon’s next big coup.’ Design fans, car enthusiasts, CG addicts and science-fiction aficionados can enjoy Simon’s parallel world through hyper-real renderings, drawings and photography of fictional drivers, managers and beautiful women. This first episode puts three uniquely designed race cars in the spotlight: The 1981 Masucci X-5, the 2027 Masucci X-7 and the 2027 Prideux -Martin MF/27.

A LOOK INSIDE. All three featured cars have their double page of design drawings, here the retro 1981 Masucci X-5, inspired by cars like the Porsche 956 or Jaguar XJR-14. The foreword has been written by racing legend Jacky Ickx, who raced in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s for many famed teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Brabham or Lotus. He is the only driver to have won in Formula One, Can-Am, Le Mans, and the Paris-Dakar rally.

A LOOK INSIDE. Vic Cooper sitting on a 1986 Masucci X-5, a car which claimed the life of his father – famed racing star Jay McQuade. Simon worked over 4 weeks on this image alone in 50 megapixel resolution. All designs, photographs, stories, and characters were exclusively invented for this book. The total time invested in this first Episode reaches about 4500 hours. No other vehicles that Simon worked on before have such amount of detail, which explains the decision to bring you this series at an unusual oversize of 12″ x 14″. To keep the book affordable at that impressive size, The Timeless Racer is broken up in Episodes, since Simon wants you not to miss a single screw and stitch.
Simon will present in this series over the next years fictitious racing machines at impeccable detail up to 50 megapixel, including vehicle specs and maps of the tracks they raced on. All vehicles and characters are explained through the carefully written story of racer Vic Cooper, who time-travels to the past and the future to compete in the most challenging motor races between 1916 and 2615. This is episode 1, the year 2027, written in English, French and German. Seen here a full spread from Episode 1 showing the 1981 Masucci X5.

A LOOK INSIDE. A 50 Megapixel render of the Masucci X-7S and its gas turbine as featured in the book.

ORDER PITLANE CLUB EDITION HERE. This highly limited edition is only available via Design Studio Press in Los Angeles. Daniel Simon works closely with the publisher to guarantee you a great experience with this order. On the website, please choose ‘Pitlane’ from the top pull down menu and proceed from there. Make sure to leave a name and book number (no guarantee) for the certificate plate during your check-out process under “order notes/personalization”. Welcome to the club.

CHOOSE YOUR STYLE. To learn more about all three editions of Episode 1, watch the video below with author and creator Daniel Simon.


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