THE TIMELESS RACER: EPISODE 1. At a stunning size of 12″ x 14″ (30.5cm x 35.5cm), and with full spread images spanning 24″ in width, this first book of a new fiction series will open the doors to a parallel history of racing. Daniel Simon designed for Bugatti, Lotus, Formula 1 and penned unforgettable vehicles for Hollywood movies like Tron: Legacy or Oblivion. This is his second book after Cosmic Motors.
Simon will present in this series over the next years fictitious racing machines at impeccable detail up to 50 megapixel, including vehicle specs and maps of the tracks they raced on. All vehicles and characters are explained through the carefully written story of racer Vic Cooper, who time-travels to the past and the future to compete in the most challenging motor races between 1916 and 2615. This is episode 1, the year 2027, written in English, French and German.

A LOOK INSIDE. Seen here is hero Vic Cooper and the Masucci X-7. Top Gear magazine says on the back cover: ‘After Cosmic Motors and his adventures in Hollywood, this is Daniel Simon’s next big coup.’ Design fans, car enthusiasts, CG addicts and science-fiction aficionados can enjoy Simon’s parallel world through hyper-real renderings, drawings and photography of fictional drivers, managers and beautiful women. This first episode puts three uniquely designed race cars in the spotlight: The 1981 Masucci X-5, the 2027 Masucci X-7 and the 2027 Prideux -Martin MF/27.

A LOOK INSIDE. All three featured cars have their double page of design drawings, here the retro 1981 Masucci X-5, inspired by cars like the Porsche 956 or Jaguar XJR-14. The foreword has been written by racing legend Jacky Ickx, who raced in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s for many famed teams such as Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Brabham or Lotus. He is the only driver to have won in Formula One, Can-Am, Le Mans, and the Paris-Dakar rally.

A LOOK INSIDE. Vic Cooper sitting on a 1986 Masucci X-5, a car which claimed the life of his father – famed racing star Jay McQuade. Simon worked over 4 weeks on this image alone in 50 megapixel resolution. All designs, photographs, stories, and characters were exclusively invented for this book. The total time invested in this first Episode reaches about 4500 hours. No other vehicles that Simon worked on before have such amount of detail, which explains the decision to bring you this series at an unusual oversize of 12″ x 14″. To keep the book affordable at that impressive size, The Timeless Racer is divided in episodes – following Vic Cooper into different eras and types of racing.

A LOOK INSIDE. A 50 Megapixel render of the Masucci X-7S and its gas turbine as featured in the book.

CHOOSE YOUR STYLE. There are three editions, so make sure you pick your style. You can learn more about the LIMITED edition here and the highly limited PITLANE edition here and in the video below with author and creator Daniel Simon. To order world-wide, please follow the links in the top menu.


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