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Simon designed the Bubbleship for Oblivion, directed by Joe Kosinski.

Daniel Simon is a German-born concept designer, author, and producer, with professional roots as a senior designer at Bugatti and Volkswagen. Clients include Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Lotus, and SpaceX. After working in Spain, England, Brazil, and Japan, Simon settled in Los Angeles, where he focuses his acclaimed style on creating iconic fantasy vehicles for Hollywood blockbuster films such as Tron: Legacy, Captain America: The First Avenger, Prometheus, and Oblivion. He also offers automotive-design services, lectures, and works on his own vehicle-centered fantasy worlds, available as books: Cosmic Motors™ and The Timeless Racer®. To read more about Daniel Simon, click below.

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Book: Cosmic Motors

Simon's original Cosmic Motors. In book stores worldwide.

Cosmic Motors™ is the best-selling book that paved Simon’s way into Hollywood. It revolves around an imaginary brand of cutting-edge vehicles in an unknown galaxy. Simon started designing this seductive fantasy world in 2003 parallel to his job at Volkswagen Design; it turned into a full-time passion between 2005 and 2006. In 2007, Design Studio Press published Simon’s outlandish vehicles in the successful book ‘Cosmic Motors’. The book has received worldwide attention in media such as Wired, Playboy, GQ, and Top Gear. Simon continues to work on this project in 2013, living his passion for limitless mechanical possibilities.

Book: The Timeless Racer

The Timeless Racer: Episode 1 is the start to a new series. Now in stores.

The Timeless Racer ® is a large-scale picture-book series about a racing world that could have existed between 1916 and 2615. Simon shows racing machines in impeccable detail, accompanied by heroic drivers and epic tales. The first episode,Year 2027, is available as a Unlimited, Limited and PITLANE edition. At 12″ x 14″ (30.5 cm x 35.5 cm) and 72 pages, it offers the best view of Simon’s maniacal attention to detail, with renderings up to 50 megapixels. With a foreword by racing legend Jacky Ickx, praises from Top Gear and GQ, text in English, French, and German, and three cars in full detail, The Timeless Racer will launch you into an unseen world. Episode 2 and more products are planned.

New: Apparel

The Timeless Racer Apparel line exclusively at The Curb Shop.

Daniel Simon’s new apparel line launches with two tees from the The Timeless Racer ® series, with many more to come. Entirely designed by Simon from fabric choice to packaging, it features vehicles and logos from the imaginary racing team Masucci. Simon’s personal obsession over a well-fitting shirt ensures that you will look dapper. Be aware – an occasional distressed look is part of the game! Produced and packaged in California in collaboration with the like-minded folks at Curb, Simon is approving each single manufacturing step, all the way to the hand-stamped ‘genuine’ seal on the hang tag. Only available at The Curb Shop. More tees to come—directly from Southern California.

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