Entertainment Design

Tron Shanghai Disneyland


Client: Walt Disney Imagineering, General Motors   |   Time:  2013 – 2014   |   Credit: Lead Design Consultant


This is the Qing Yi concept car, on permanent exhibit at the Tron ride attraction at Shanghai Disneyland. Daniel designed this vehicle with creative approval of Ed Welburn, General Motors’ Vice President of Global Design at the time.

In 2013, three years after the release of Tron Legacy, producers of the Tron attraction for Shanghai Disneyland Park’s Tomorrowland invited Daniel to return to the grid. The brief was to create a full size vehicle unique enough to capture the imagination of visitors after they exit the exhilarating ‘Tron Lightcycle Power Run’. The post-show exhibit is sponsored by General Motors’ Chevrolet division, therefore Daniel worked closely with creatives of Disney, GM China, and GM Global Design, to distill the perfect essence of Chevrolet and Tron into one machine.



The result is the ‘Qing Yi’, which is on permanent display at Shanghai Disneyland, China. With two capsules for riders in Light Cycle-inspired position, and a liquid, high-frequency rendered body shell which smoothly adjusts to steering movements of the front wheels, this high speed cruiser blends styling queues from a real world Chevrolet Corvette with elements of the iconic Tron world Light Cycles.

Here is how Daniel’s design is described in the exhibit: Qing Yi is a Tron transport that features Light Cycle-inspired ergonomics for pilot and navigator. Fusing a Corvette with cutting-edge technology from the world of Tron, Qing Yi has the unique ability to drive on and off the grid using the first generation light fusion reactor powered by Blue Light Energy.

Length: 5286 mm  |   Width:  2306 mm   |   Height: 1206 mm