Mission Statement | Daniel Simon designs sophisticated vehicle-centered dreams for imagined futures, pasts, and sci-fi worlds. His mechanical fantasies come to life in movies, books, and reality, sparking true emotions with their detailed believability. Simon summarizes his creative belief as ‘Style for All Galaxies’ and ‘Vehicle Design Unlimited’.

Philosophy | Simon positions his work as a unique blend of high-style automotive design and everything-goes fantasy design. The execution can gravitate in a highly controlled manner toward one or the other, depending on the assignment. With a passion spanning many disciplines, such as automotive styling, motorsports, aviation, engineering, industrial design, graphic design, and storytelling, Simon strives to deliver holistic solutions for conceptual vehicles needed in films, games, advertisements and the design industry.

History | Daniel Simon started drawing at the age of three, and has not stopped since. After obtaining his degree in automotive design at the internationally acclaimed University of Applied Science in Pforzheim, Germany, he enjoyed five years of explosively creative work at Volkswagen’s advanced studio near Barcelona, Spain. In 2005, Simon worked as a senior designer for Bugatti Automobiles. In 2007, his first book, Cosmic Motors, was published, opening the doors to Hollywood: he became vehicle concept designer on the feature film Tron: Legacy. Simon now works in Los Angeles, California, on a variety of concept-design projects for Hollywood productions and clients (see list below). Simon restlessly fantasizes about alternative worlds, and expresses his personal visions through the ever-expanding worlds of Cosmic Motors, The Timeless Racer, and DSX.

Business Structure | Daniel Simon’s creative work is organized in four divisions: Consultancy, Cosmic Motors, The Timeless Racer, and DSX. Consultancy: The main operation of Daniel Simon LLC is consulting. It includes the following: lead vehicle design for Hollywood film productions through the Local 800 union; concept design for film pre-production, TV, and video games; concept design for ad agencies; design services for car design studios; livery design; multiple-day design workshops worldwide; keynote presentations; and appearances on panels and design juries. Cosmic Motors™: Cosmic Motors is the intellectual property of Daniel Simon. It is an outer-world fantasy set in a distant galaxy, focusing on outrageous and sexy sci-fi vehicles. It was first published in 2007 as the book Cosmic Motors and is under further development. The Timeless Racer®: The Timeless Racer is Simon’s second IP. It is a real-world fantasy set on Earth, presenting 599 years of motor racing. The franchise launched in 2013 with the first book The Timeless Racer: Episode 1, available in four different editions, including a separate Japanese edition. DSX: DSX is the fourth pillar of the business, scheduled to launch in 2014. An online store is planned in the near future.

Clients & Partners | 20th Century Fox. Audi AG. Autodesk. BioWare. BOXX. Bugatti Automobiles SAS. Bunkspeed. Dunlop Europe. Ford. HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design. Hamilton. Hispania F1 Racing. Honda. Lotus LMP2. Lotus Motorcycles. Marvel Studios. nVidia. Roborace Inc. SpaceX. Universal Pictures. Volkswagen AG. Wacom. Walt Disney Imagineering. Walt Disney Television. Walt Disney Pictures. Warner Bros Pictures.

Workflow | To offer an efficient workflow for clients, Simon relies heavily on 3-D modeling and visualization from the first stages of a project, using cutting-edge hardware, Autodesk Alias Automotive software and iRay visualization and animation technology via Bunkspeed. His data sets can be shared among most standard digital platforms. Simon’s experience in the automotive industry allows him to creatively accompany prototype builds up to the final delivery to a film set.

Education | Simon happily accepts inquires for workshops, appearances, juries, panels, and presentations around the globe.

Connect: Email the office of Daniel Simon LLC

2016 ROBORACE Chief Design Officer

2016 UNTITLED Consultant


2015 WALT DISNEY STUDIOS – Untitled – Concept Designer

2014 WARNER BROS. – Untitled – Vehicle Consultant

2014 THE TIMELESS RACER: Episode 2 – book project – Pre-Production


2014 SPACEX Consultant


2014 BIOWARE CORP. – Untitled – Vehicle Consultant

2014 LOTUS LE MANS TEAM 2014 Lotus LMP 1 – Livery Stylist


2013 THE TIMELESS RACER: Episode 1 – book project – Creator, Writer, Designer, Producer

2013 LOTUS MOTORCYCLES Lotus C-01 – Lead Designer

2013 HAMILTON WATCHES / NICOLAS IVANOFF Acrobatic Aircraft – Livery Stylist

2013 LOTUS LE MANS TEAM 2013 Lotus LMP 2 – Livery Stylist

2012 LOTUS LE MANS TEAM 2012 Lotus LMP 2 – Livery Stylist

2011 OBLIVION WITH TOM CRUISE Feature Film – Universal Studios – Vehicle Designer

2011 FORMULA 1 HISPANIA RACING – HRT F111 – Livery Stylist

2010 TRON UPRISING TV Show – Disney Television – Lead Vehicle Designer

2010 PROMETHEUS Feature Film – 20th Century Fox – Vehicle Studies

2010 CAPTAIN AMERICA Feature Film – Marvel Studios – Lead Vehicle Designer

2008 TRON LEGACY Feature Film – Walt Disney Studios – Concept Vehicle Designer

2008 PUMA, HONDA , DKNYproject related Concept Designer

2007 COSMIC MOTORS – book project – Creator, Writer, Designer, Producer

2007 BUGATTI AUTOMOBILESConcept Designer

2005 VOLKSWAGEN DESIGN – untitled show car project – Concept Car Lead Designer

2001 VW, AUDI, BENTLEY, BUGATTI, SKODA, SEAT group – Senior Concept Designer


2000 LAMBORGHINI, SEATExterior Design Intern

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