Disney’s Tron Legacy was a fantastic project to be involved with. I was hired as Concept Vehicle Designer under the supervision and inspiration of director Joe Kosinski and production designer Darren Gilford. Between September 2008 and July 2009 I was responsible to create the final look of  various Tron vehicles, including the Light Cycle, the Vintage Light Cycle, the Light Runner, the Light Jets, and a few background vehicles. Working hand in hand with Darren Gilford,  set designer Joe Hiura and cutting-edge effect house Digital Domain, this project was a team effort. For the most iconic vehicle of the film, the new Light Cycle, I could based my final design on early studies done by fellow designers Ryan Church, Harald Belker, Tim Flattery, and Ed Natividad. Other machines, like the Vintage Light Cycle or the Tank, are modern re-interpretations of their originals from the 1982 film, created back then by master mind Syd Mead.

Unique to this project was the involvement of designers from the first sketch, to 3D models, to screen appearance, to final set built. A key role in the last stage played Wildfactory and Aria Group, two Los Angeles based prototyping companies, who built amazing real life versions of some designs, helping to blend life-action with the effect shots of Digital Domain.